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How to save during the holidays
How to save during the holidays
Authored By: U1CU on 11/7/2019

As we approach the holidays, most of us are starting to think of the snowy weather ahead, the relaxing Family Christmas morning or the care-free evenings by the fire with a hot cup of cocoa. Ah, ‘tis the season!

Well that wraps up this month’s blog – hope you enjoyed it! J

No…let’s be real here. This is more like what we’re starting to think of…

Holiday Shopping

So, to make things as stress-free as possible, we’re listing 5 ways you can save money during the holidays.

Plus, a bonus mention at the end of the blog!

#1: Set your budget & make a list
This seems like a no-brainer, but even those who live and die by lists can get carried away while shopping. See something that’s not on your list but buy it anyway? Bad idea if you’re shopping on a budget. This is like going to the grocery on an empty stomach; you have a list, but decided to go ahead and get the 2 for 1 pumpkin pie special.

If you have a list for gift ideas – stick with it. You’ll spend less in the end and thank yourself for following a budget; worthy of a pat-on-the-back.

#2: Cut self-spending
Try to avoid spending money on things for yourself during the holidays. Things like the to-go coffee or sandwich, $10 -15 lunches or new apparel you found a deal on. These things add up and if you can cut back on them during the holidays, you’ll find it easier on your wallet and won’t have to dip into your savings. Find more simple ways to save money (without even feeling it).

#3: Think home-made
Are you crafty? Enjoy making things with your hands? Maybe it’s a holiday ornament or jewelry. This is a good way to save money on your shopping. Cookies anyone? If you’re a wizard in the kitchen, people you know probably look forward to your delicacies, so use your skills for a thoughtful gift this year.

#4: Grab cash (try to reduce credit card spending)
In today’s digital world, this may seem backward. But what it does is limit your spending. If you only withdraw a certain amount of cash, that’s all you have to spend; but if you shop with a credit card, you could end up overspending.

#5: Start early; hawk the deals
The earlier you begin holiday shopping, the less stress you’ll endure during peak holiday shopping times. Some even start their shopping the day after Christmas. Sounds crazy, but early shopping could help lower the stress and bills for next year. Check out some of these additional tips to save money on holiday shopping.

And we all know Black Friday is the ultimate day for deals, but there are plenty of other deals going on – it just may not reach out and grab you like the day after Thanksgiving does. Put your Googles (goggles) on and search the web for bargains that aren’t being heavily presented. After all, businesses look forward to the holiday season to promote special limited time offers.

Perfect segue to…

Our “3 Ways to Save” for the holiday season!

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