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Should I Buy or Lease?
Authored By: U1CU on 7/18/2018

When you decide to get a new vehicle, you’re left with a decision to buy or lease it. Most of us know that buying a car gives you ownership; you may have to take out an auto loan and make monthly payments, but you’re working toward paying the car off. Leasing, however, is kind of like renting; you make payments towards the car’s depreciation and you may have the option to purchase the vehicle at the end of the leasing period. There are pros and cons to each option, but really, the choice is what you prefer. To break it down easily for you, we will layout certain preferences so you’ll be able to make the best decision for you. 

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It's Vacation, Not Accounting! - Budgeting tips for a hassle-free trip
Authored By: U1CU on 5/31/2018

When you decide to take a vacation, what’s the first thing you plan for? You think of a location, a time, how long you’ll be there, transportation, who’s feeding the pets and bringing in the mail – all the fun stuff to plan. But once you arrange a dream vacation, you’re left to calculate the expenses. When the ducks are aligned, you can start to set realistic spending goals so your getaway is a happy-go-lucky, trouble-free excursion. To get you underway, take a look at these steps...

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Recurring payments: Set it and forget itÖbut donít forget it
Authored By: U1CU on 5/3/2018

Some of us pay monthly bills online or over the phone. Some even pay by check! Yes, it is 2018 and most retailers and merchants will still accept checks. Others will set up monthly payments with merchants that come out of their account automatically. This is a recurring payment where consumers give permission for payments to be deducted from their credit card or bank account each month, avoiding the worry of any late fees. But you’ll want to be sure that you’re checking your statement each month to verify the charges coming out automatically. 

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