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Discover a Positive Work/Life Balance
Discover a Positive Work/Life Balance
Authored By: U1CU on 9/4/2018

It’s a busy world out there and juggling your work and personal life can be a continuous struggle. A lot of us have full schedules and are convinced to keep it that way; finish this to get to that, plan what’s next…you get the idea. But a poor balance between the two can lead to stress and unhappiness which reduces your productivity both at home and work. The good news is a balance can be achieved. Follow these steps to help attain a healthy work/life balance. Write them down, stick them in your wallet or post them on your desk, the fridge, your nightstand, etc.

Work Life BalanceTIP # 1: Focus on one thing & set priorities
Try devoting your attention to one task at a time. Think big picture and ask yourself what is most important. Multi-tasking makes it difficult to concentrate on what’s really important. Focus solely on the moment, whether it’s work or spending time with family.

TIP # 2: Leave work at work and home at home
It can be hard to go home after a stressful day at work with responsibilities still on your mind. Try to have set hours. When your work day is over, it’s over. Don’t worry – you’ll return soon enough to finish your tasks. 

Work Life Balance Image

TIP # 3: Plan something you’ll look forward to
Plan an activity with a friend or plan some time to just be alone. When things start to become hectic, seeing that activity on your calendar can ease the tension.

TIP # 4: Track your time
If you were to see how you spend your time for just one week, you would probably see a good chunk of time wasted on things that don’t matter or aren’t priorities. For one week, track how you spend your time and then delegate and eliminate accordingly.

Make it a must-do and not a should-do. Yes, it can be hard to stick to a routine, but your mind will thank you for a healthy body. Even just making time to take a walk can relieve stress and clear your mind.

The work/life balance can be a journey as needs change throughout times in your life. But taking a step back and setting aside time to reflect can help achieve that balance. Be realistic with yourself and ask what worked, what didn’t and how you can correct the issue. Find what works for you within these tips and evaluate them on a regular basis.

Bonus Tip: Don’t be afraid to ask for support! Tell your family, friends, colleagues or anyone else about your work/life balance. Ask for advice on setting priorities, time management, etc. You may be surprised on how they manage their work/life balance, which can give you additional insight.

Are you satisfied with your current work/life balance?

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