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Why eStatements?
Why eStatements?
Authored By: U1CU on 2/4/2019

Do you value convenience and security? Are you the type of person who wants instant access and doesn't like to wait? Do you like to stay organized? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then you probably receive electronic statements (eStatements). If you don’t, you’re missing out!

That's because eStatements offer the convenience, security and 24/7 instant access that paper statements can’t.

You may still receive paper statements and file them away only to be shredded at another time - and that’s fine, but why should YOU switch to eStatements?

Your eStatements are automatically saved and organized online by month and year. No more labeling manila folders with 2005 tabs on them - you’re already covered.

You also won’t have to worry about where your statement is or if it came in the mail yet. Thanks to Online Banking notifications, you’ll get an email when you have a new eStatement ready to view.

Are eStatements safer than paper statements? A question often wondered by those who are on the fence about signing up for eStatements. The short answer is YES! The long answer is that paper statements can get lost in the mail; you run the risk of them being stolen or sent to the wrong address.

Your eStatement is secured on our encrypted server and will always be delivered and available to your specific account. So let’s avoid Mr. Roper* seeing how much we make or dumpster divers stealing our identity.
*That remark is a reference to Three’s Company, the 1984 TV sitcom to feature character-landlord Stanley Roper. Let him see your bank statement and you may see an increase in rent. Sorry…it’s 2019 and these explanations need to be made. 

Instant Access
No more snail mail. Your paper statement could take at least 7 days from post office to your mailbox. With eStatements, you’ll receive it within the first few days of the month!

You can also access your statements online, anytime! If you’re not home and need to access them, you can login to Online Banking to download or view them instantly.

eStatements are free for any member who wants to enroll! They can only be viewed by who has access to the account. So if you have a shared account, both account holders are able to access the electronic statements.

Plus, eStatements are better for the environment. Less paper means fewer trees get cut down. This way you’ll be playing a role in reducing paper waste and won’t have to worry about shredding documents.

So if you value convenience, security and the ability to have 24/7 instant access to your financial information, then eStatements is for you. It’s simple to sign up as well. Just login to Online Banking, hover over the Additional Services tab and click to enroll under Online Statements.

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