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Discover Resources On How To Educate Savings to Kids


It's National Credit Union Youth Month and we are listing several resources for educating finances to children and young teens. As we have touched on this topic in the past, we find out that many tips we share are ones that are not taught in school. Most parents understand that they should teach their kids about money, but where to start can be a challenge. Take advantage of the various resources we listed for teaching financial education to children and young kids. 

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Leveraging Technology To Better Your Finances


Understanding your current financial picture is a key component in achieving financial clarity and improving your personal finances. Universal 1 Credit Union’s Money Management tool helps you do just that. 

Money Management Tools

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Five Tips to Keep You On Track For Tax Season


While it is true that most money-saving options to defer income or accelerate deductions are limited after Dec. 31, there are still many steps you can take to make your tax-filing experience less expensive and easier. 

Tax Time 2023

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Tax Refund Fraud Alerts


The IRS has reported the perpetrators use multiple message variations in an attempt to fool taxpayers. Fraudsters will use regular mail, telephone, and email phishing attempts to steal taxpayer refunds or tax-related information. The emails can appear to be from a trusted source, but the email addresses are spoofed or compromised containing stolen logos. Also, the risk alert reminded that phishing emails typically contain links to malicious websites or attachments with embedded malware or viruses.

Tax Refund Fraud Alert

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2023 Financial Goals Resolution

Authored By: U1CU on 1/2/2023

For many of us, we set typical goals for the new year, such as lose weight, exercise more, or go someplace we’ve never been, but if there is one New Year’s resolution that will bring you peace of mind, less stress and anxiety, it’s to create your financial goals.

Save now for the holidays

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