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Valentine's Day Cheer

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Home > About U1 > In the Community > Valentine's Day Cheer

In the spirit of love and compassion, U1 employees embarked on a heartwarming mission to deliver Valentine's Day cards to adults residing in nursing homes, long-term care facilities, and similar settings in the community. With the pandemic's restrictions causing increased feelings of isolation, we were determined to spread joy and remind these individuals that they are cherished members of the community.

Valentine's Day Cards  

Over the course of several weeks leading up to Valentine's Day, U1 employees passionately crafted personalized cards, infusing them with warm wishes, uplifting messages, and artistic designs. Despite the physical distance between them, the heartfelt messages served as a heartfelt reminder that they were not alone and that the community cared deeply for their well-being.

Our community's well-being is at the core of U1's values. We understand the importance of supporting one another, especially during these challenging times. Our team felt privileged to extend a ray of hope and love to those who needed it most.

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